Important Information for the Viewer of Website

Comprehensive Mobile Insurance Company, Inc. (“CMIC”) is an Arizona Disability Insurance Company: NAIC 15238 and is regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance and the Texas Department of Insurance. Comprehensive Mobile Care Ltd (“CMC”) is a private Arizona corporation.

CMIC has administrative service agreements with CMC for CMC to provide certain administrative services relating to the support of the delivery of dental, hearing and vision care to residents of nursing homes. CMIC provides the type of coverage and all terms and conditions of the policies in their respective states. CMC does not have anything to do with issuance of the policies and/or any of the terms and conditions of the policies.

CMIC and/or CMC do not provide the actual dental, vision or hearing care the resident will receive. All clinical decisions and care relating to dental, vision and hearing care are done by independent state licensed professional providers and not CMIC or CMC.

Certain owners and certain executives of CMIC and CMC have been involved with providing administrative services for dental care to nursing home residents since 1997 with a perfect ethical and legal record. CMIC was formed as a corporation in 2013 and has perfect ethical and legal records.

The Share of Cost/Incurred Medical Expense adjustment, as a method of payment of the premiums, is not a part of the Policies themselves but is the present law as interpreted in Arizona, Texas and many other states.

Any individual without regard to age or any other discriminating factor is entitled to acquire our policy by using any source of funds they deem appropriate.

The Outline of Coverage and the Policies of CMIC in Arizona and Texas and the Outline of Coverage should be reviewed by a prospective policyholder to become fully informed prior to deciding whether or not to become a Policyholder. These Policies contain all the terms and conditions of the coverage. Licensed insurance agents of CMIC for the nursing home residents in the states it is authorized to sell Policies are available to answer any questions at 888-765-7475 or at a scheduled appointment. A fully informed prospective policyholder is the goal of CMIC. You should be fully informed before you acquire any of these CMIC policies.